Giuseppe Devastato

Pianist and Composer

A real artist, a musical actor, his sound is so emotionally and true. Giuseppe speak with the instrument and through the instrument,this is what I heard listening to his Rachmaninov.
Alexey Bogorad- Conductor of the Bolshoi Theatre
Profound musician, with a mature and solid art of piano playing, gifted with a strong musicality that he highlights through toned down timbres, aiming to a combination of very refined sounds.
Roczek-Höfer - Mozarteum of Salzburg
His professionalism, true keynote, combined to his human qualities, cultural and spiritual, brings him in an intense and profound approach to life and art of music. The emotion which I read in the eyes of the spectators who have had the opportunity to attend his concert at the Philharmonic of Stettin (organized by the Department of Italian Studies of the University of Stettin in cooperation with Italian Institute of Culture in Warsaw), was deep and true, and better than many words can express what the Maestro Devastato conveys with his music.
Prof. Angelo Rella - The Consular Correspondent of Stettino - Poland
Musico con amplia formación como compositor, dedicado también a la musica de cámara y a la enseñanza. Conocedor de la escuela de musica Napolitana que trasmite con fidelidad y éxito. Persona sensible, generosa y de una talla humana de gran valor espiritual.
Margarita Morais - Presidenta de la Fundacion Eutherpe de Leon
His professionalism, which deserves the highest consideration and respect, is the dominant note that embraces his human, cultural and spiritual qualities. He has an intense and deeply-felt approach to life and music-making, and he will bring great commitment to any challenge he will be allowed to undertake. I also am very grateful for the collaboration he assures to the Neapolitan Music Society, to which I sincerely welcome him as an artist and as a friend.
Gioacchino Longobardi - President of the Neapolitan Music Society - NY
Maestro Devastato,who is very well known not only as a virtuoso of piano and a very talented composer,but also as a gifted teacher,touched the public with his peculiar, sensitive and inspired interpretation.
Mrs. Alessandra Moschitta - First Secretary Head of Commercial, Consular and Cultural Section, Embassy of Italy in Sarajevo - Bosnia
During the masterclass he gave in the Conservatory, Mr. Devastato touched the students and teachers with his peculiar, sensitive and inspired teaching. Maestro Devastato is outstanding representative of a new and highly promising generation of Italian pianists, which inherited the precious and valuable indefatigable cultural entrepreneur.
Head of Conservatory of Music and Dancing of Lanzhou University of Arts and Science - China
A real representant of the modern Napoli piano school, Giuseppe Devastato on stage puts together his natural cantabile capacities with a well mastered sound control in both virtuoso and more pensive situations alike. He's a natural. His sound beauty and transparency makes him an ideal partner in chamber music for a string player and , I must add , a precious duo partner for me. He's a cultivated and imaginative artist: his compositions are everything but ab- stract, and speak to the heart in a modern language, full of intellectual influences but bearing unmistakably his own mark.
Roberto Trainini - Cello Soloist